Past members

Postdoc researchers

  • Dr Lidong Bie (COMET Postdoctoral researcher), working on earthquake source processes combining seismology and geodesy.

PhD and MPhil students

  • Dr Guadalupe Brú (PhD 2018), research on monitoring landslides. Currently at Currently a science data analyst at Tom Tom Spain.
  • Mr. Teo Nagy (MSc 2018), MPhil Thesis: Automatic glacier displacement maps using Sentinel-2 satellite images. Currently a data analyst at Norwegian Polar Institute.
  • Mr. Jorge Vargas Rivera (MSc Petroleum Geology student, 2016), Induced seismicity at depleting gas reservoirs

Undergraduate students

  • Ms. Jennifer Bichard-Collins (BSc Geophysics, 2016) Graben formation at magmatic rifting zones using mechanical numerical modeling
  • Ms. Hannah Gigg (BSc Geophysics, 2016) Mechanics of megathrust events: the 2016 M7.8 Pedernales, Ecuador earthquake
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