Current team members:

  • Pablo J. González (Senior Researcher)
  • Yu Jiang (COMET and University of Liverpool PhD researcher funded by CSC China Scholarship, 2017-2021). Yu works on the mechanics of continental normal faults applying satellite geodesy and bayesian inference methods.

In addition, we have enjoyed working with our lab visitors, and past team members.

Work with us:

The Estación Volcanológica de Canarias is a research group within CSIC, Spain’s largest research-intensive institution. CSIC is not an academic institution and does not award PhD degrees. However, we are able to supervise, e.g., early career researchers a) who are enrolled in Environmental and Earth Sciences PhD programs at Spanish universities, b) postdoctoral researchers (Marie Curie, Juan de la Cierva, etc), or c) otherwise self-funded researchers who want to spend time in Tenerife for a time-limited project.

If you are interested to collaborate, please contact me and come to research in Tenerife.


More Publications

(* Supervised Early Career Researcher)


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Remote Characterization of groundwater storage changes using geophysical Observations and Modelling of Poroelastic processes in Aquifers, under Compaction and Transient groundwater flow conditions


Centre for the Observation and Modelling of Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Tectonics


At the University of Liverpool, I taught a number of courses:

Undergraduate level: ENVS101: Study Skills and GIS (Earth Science), ENVS258: Environmental Geophysics (Remote Sensing & GNSS), ENVS368/568: Geophysical Exploration Techniques, ENVS314: Quantitative Tectonics and ENVS300/400: Geophysical Project (BSc Geophysics research project)

Master level: ENVS608: MSc Petroleum Geology project

I also recently taught lectures/courses for: * The COMET-InSAR training workshops at University of Leeds in November 2016, 2017 and 2018; * Digital Elevation Models for Earth Sciences Workshop, a 1-day workshop in Liverpool, 9th January 2017; together with Dr Felix Von-Aulock (Liverpool) and Dr Mike James (Lancaster); * Volcano geodesy modules during the 1st Tenerife International Training Course on Volcano Monitoring, Tenerife Islands (Canary Islands), 1-10 April 2017.

If you are interested in such materials for teaching, get in touch.

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This post presents some modifications of 3D-DEF code is a three-dimensional boundary-element model code and manual/tutorial (.pdf). All credit to the authors, here I merely tried to make them easier to start work with.